Standard 18" height for welding to structural steel beams and columns.  Top plate is pre-drilled to fit all NLP hinged base bolt circles.

Standard 18" with bottom 1/2" x 12" x 12" steel plate for mounting to pre-cast and poured in place structures.  Top plate is pre-drilled to fit all NLP hinged base bolt cirlces.  Bottom plate is field drilled to accomodate drift during casting.

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The Gravity Mounting System is a simple, easy to install alternative to other lightning protection mast mounting methods that require penetration of the structure.  Four steel ballast legs connect at the center to form a stable mounting platform for NLP hinged based masts.  Concrete ballast blocks are placed on the legs to provide static pressure.

Catalog No.:



Frame Weight:

350 Lbs

350 Lbs

Ballast Weight:

800 Lbs

1,000 Lbs

L X W:

130" x 130"

130" x 130"

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