Mast Catalog Numbers


10' tall; 3" top dia.; 5" butt dia.; .188" wall


12' tall; 3" top dia.; 5" butt dia.; .188" wall


14' tall; 3" top dia.; 5" butt dia.; .188" wall


16' tall; 3" top dia.; 5" butt dia.; .188" wall


18' tall; 3" top dia.; 5" butt dia.; .188" wall


20' tall; 3" top dia.; 5" butt dia.; .188" wall

Variations from standard sizes listed above, available upon inquiry at factory. EPA calculations allow for 1.3 Gust Factor.  Pole height includes pedestal base.  Satisfactory performance is dependent upon the mast being properly attached to a supporting foundation of adequate design.  NLP does not design or offer recommendations for foundations.


Mast Cap with coupler and set screw for air terminal attachment

Factory installed bonding plate for conductor attachment

Standard mounting bolts are included with pole for attachment to NLP mounting bases (Mounting bases are sold separately)


Optional Finishes Available
(additional charges & lead time apply)

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