National Lightning Protection offers complete computer aided risk assessment, system design, and specification services for Lightning Protection Systems, Transient Voltage Surge Protection, Facility Grounding Systems, and Signal Reference Grids


Our staff of estimators can provide quotations for bid construction projects, cost analysis for design build projects, and budgets for design and development.  We will be happy to provide an estimate for lightning protection systems, facility grounding, and surge protection.  Please feel free to contact us for more information about our estimation services.


National Lightning Protection's seasoned staff of field inspectors can assist you with your lightning protection, surge protection, and ground system inspection requirements.  NLP offers written reports on lightning protection system standard compliance, soil resistance testing, and ground system resistance testing


National Lightning Protection is a UL listed installer of Franklin rod lightning protection systems. NLP also  installs Prevectron 4 lightning protection systems, catenary lightning protection systems, signal reference grids (SRG), and facility ground systems.  Please contact us about your installation requirements.


National Lightning Protection is manufacturer of lightning protection, grounding, and surge suppression equipment for commercial, industrial, military and residential applications.  In addition to a standard line of products NLP is the cutting edge in custom manufacturing.  If we don't have it there is a good chance we can make it for you and if we can't make it we'll find someone who can.

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