NLP is a UL Listed lightning protection system installer (File Number E97807). NLP also manufactures UL listed Lightning conductors, air terminals, & fittings (UL file Number E126421)

    Company Profile

  • Founded: 1984
  • History:  Robert Rapp began manufacturing operations in Golden, Colorado as a lightning protection installation contractor.  In 1980, the company relocated to Lafayette, Colorado and began to manufacture lightning protection system components.  Mr. Rapp took the company from a regional lightning protection manufacturer to a national and international manufacturer of lightning protection and grounding equipment.

    Mission Statement/Objective: National Lightning Protection's goal has and will always be to provide only the highest quality lightning protection system components available anywhere.  Our commitment to quality is also reflected in our engineering and customer service operations where no short cuts are taken and long term customer satisfaction is of paramount importance.

  • Qualifications/Experience:  National Lightning Protection's Franklin system products are listed by Underwriters Laboratories and in full compliance with UL and National Fire Protection Association criteria.  The Prevectron lightning protection system meets 9 international standards and is considered to be the most advanced lightning protection system in the world.  Our top management has over 100 years of combined industry experience and all design and field personnel are fully certified by Underwriters Laboratories.  Robert Rapp, the President of National Lightning Protection, is an active member of the NFPA 780 Technical Committee on Lightning Protection.


  • Products:  National Lightning Protection has America's finest line of components, we offer protection from lightning damage for all structures from homes to hospitals, schools to football stadiums, high rises to hazardous facilities.  National's product line is the broadest most technically advanced in the lightning protection industry.  We offer only the highest level of quality which gives a much better appearance along with greater strength and better performance of the finished components and systems.  Since lightning protection system design is unique to each building custom components are often needed.  We maintain a full machine shop to produce limited run and special components to suit unique structural or architectural requirements.  To supplement our standard line of lightning protection components we also offer a wide range of associated products that can be used in conjunction with structural lightning protection to provide safety from other possible lightning threats.  These items include:
    • Surge Protection Devices (SPDs)
    • Signal Reference Grids (SRG) 
    • Mast/overhead cable (catenary) lightning protection systems
    • Solid copper and copper-clad wire ground mats/mesh
    • Stainless steel and solid copper ground rods
    • Electrolytic Ground Rods
    • Ground Inspection Wells
    • GroundIT, ground enhancement material
    • Copper bus bars
  • Services:  National Lightning Protection offers free estimates on all projects.  Our Engineering/Design Departments will assist in the design and layout of systems on any type of structure.  We also design custom components for unique lightning protection or grounding applications.  You are invited to submit sketches and data for your specific requirements.  For complete design/quote services please include an architectural roof plan, mechanical roof plan, and exterior building elevations (north, south, east, & west). To further assist you National Lightning Protection has a nationwide network of local agents, distributors and dealers.  Please contact us for the name of the representative nearest you.
  • Area of Operations:  Nation wide for installations and worldwide for material and design
  • Key Contacts:
    • President:  Robert W. Rapp
    • Engineering:  Paul Svendsen
    • Quotations Manager:  Brandon S. Stonier
    • Warehouse Manager:  Mark Amacher
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